Prime The Day To Unfold Your Way

I get it - You're someone who understands the value of your time and attention, desires to live an authentic full life, is actively pursuing a legacy of prosperity and seeks to fulfill their own unique experience in this life - but you haven't discovered an avenue of true expression, continue to bump up against resistance, revisit patterns of regression, and can't quite understand why this path has yet to reap the benefits you deserve.

Here and Now this will all change.

The path of least resistance is paved through true intention and pure action.

To best succeed in increasing the amount of control over what manifests throughout our moments, one must move with defined purpose while will-power is at its greatest - Upon rising to the day!

As you awaken, your first and most immediately available power is Choice. With each thought comes options and opportunity, choice acting to steer mind body and spirit - whether conscious to the mechanism or not.

Society has been largely mislead on what it means to "start your day right". Priming the day to manifest in a direction favorable toward our wants, needs, and desires is a method generally unspoken.


With a bit of preparation and guidance this world in its entirety will shift perspective, allowing new avenues of approach to life unseen or even concealed prior.


Create and take the time for Yourself FIRST - Give your vision permission to come to fruition.

Magic Hour unveils the blueprint of your True Becoming, the person you wish to embody now rising to the surface - with certainty.

Take special care in building your method of Magic. Sit for a time and do this work with diligence. What you want is coming and let it begin here & now with your heart at the forefront - leading with passion.

Let's begin building your Magic Hour.

Action taken on and toward your truth brings closer what you are here to do. Purpose isn't discovered, it simply IS, but your attention and focus have been corrupted. Choose your path at the light of day and prime the day to go your way. 

The format of Magic hour is designed in such a way that you can intelligently ingest this information to affect your life intensely IMMEDIETLY! You want change and you deserve it now - Magic Hour the catalyst favoring that which you've been seeking - a transcendent experience of true Prosperity right here, right now.

What you want:

  • A real reason to rise with an inspired purpose

  • Motivation to drive your progress and success

  • Proof of life in your own mechanism of manifestation

  • Everyday alignment with yourself FIRST!

  • Confidence and certainty in taking risks daily

+ more that we'll discuss inside​

What You'll Receive:

  • 4  illuminating video teachings

  • Instructional: How to Create a Vision Board with Your Smartphone

  • The Magic Hour template

  • Tasks defining your purpose

  • Worksheets that will awaken and empower the truth of your being.



This is a direct, unique interactive format designed to place you in the position of Creator.

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