One of the MOST SIGNIFICANT Lessons Learned


Several years ago I endured a domestic trauma that literally ripped my heart out.. As a result, to be entirely honest, genuine care had not been at the forefront of my becoming. Instead I dove into solitude hell-bent on a connection to something beyond my then shattered self in search of knowing, wisdom, and power - and I did.

I discovered both healing and other capabilities through infinite creativity. Still motivated by a glint of rage, the aspect of care persists to subside while my creativity flourshed. Though healed in one aspect, able to address the world loving myself whole, there was very little resonance of concern beyond the vessel you see before you today.

I put blinders on. Anything that wasn't in line with the goal dissolved. My intentions were good yet measurable.

One of The MOST SIGNIFICANT lessons I've learned on this journey is not only opening my heart, nor unconditional love but Genuine Care!! BEing an entangled participating reflection of the universe upon any and all that consists within this moment, as nature does. 

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