Decondition The Chase After A Partner


You may think the chase and achievement of another is a primary facet of life, yet it is discovered time and time again how insignificant this act becomes through unforseen dissolve. Emotions quickly fade leaving truth unsaid, brimming the surface of conditioned filters, often choosing words as opposed to speaking what is in accord with one's internal dialogue.

The feeling of instant distance and distaste after an encounter leaves one to wonder what just happened and the other fleeting. Motives are brought into question, ultimately resulting in rationalized theories suited best to each individual ego. Typically one partner is hurt, the other aloof. 

What has occurred is simply the success of corrupt conditioned beliefs. The partners have paired on the basis of how their intentions entangle, more often disappointed due to an extreme lack of Self-Awareness. Once aware there presents opportunity to either flip the script for a position of advantage and/or ascend into their greater truth for a life abundant in prosperity given the filters and conditioning have been removed - a Quest of Higher Self.


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