Me, You & The Universe


Life takes a shift when you're willing and open to risk.

Almost two years ago I drove into Los Angeles with no plan, only the 1111% belief in myself to create a life more preferable and deserving of this time here on Earth.

Having established a ground in Truth beyond the false construct of society and culture previous to this adventure (East - West), one barrier after the next proved penetrable. Confirmation came as clarity seeing all things possible through definite action - a powerful tool for the higher-conscious adept.

What occurred at first wasn't an unforseen circumstance; Living in my car, finding a veterans shelter, feeling trapped and wanting out, seeing things I didn't want to see... but I Knew everything would be okay.

The quest toward your higher Self is a road less travelled, of which at first none other than you, the vessel and this sovereign universe journey together. You will often feel alone, accompanied by doubt and tempted to entertain behaviors of regression, but know this - The Universe has your back IF you do. Commit and KEEP GOING.


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