Ready to Fly... Literally


You are not bound by anything or anywhere other than in your mind.

Somewhere around 11 or 12 years young, I was being looked after by my grandmother a lot while both the parents worked. Late one evening I said, "I'm hungry" to which she replied, "You've got two legs - walk". McDonald's was the only place open this time of night so off I went, about 4 miles.

She went on to explain how if I wanted something that I'd have to go get it using the tools within my resources. At that moment in life this was an adventure. Afraid, I walked alone in the dark and much further than usual.

Oddly leading up to that point there were dreams regarding each street just across the neighborhood, where from 3 directions outward arrived different devices triggering fearful emotions. Funny how even then I was aware that these projections were revealing, yet at that age entirely incapable of explaining such experiences.

My grandmother gave me permission and the tool of perspective, creatively planting the seed of abundant resources within my means here and now. Thereafter - I took flight; 🐦 to 🚀💨

What's keeping you anchored and subject to your current circumstances? Self restraint, lack of perspective, homeostasis, False Evidence Appearing Real - the list goes on.

Dissolve these avenues of approach to resistance revealing rationale toward a paradigm no longer serving your true heart's desire/calling.

SO - are you prepared to begin giving yourself Permission? 

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