Let That Sht Go Yo!


Let go and you WILL Flow.

Thinking within the confines of a world, society, and/or culture acts as an anchor to your true Becoming.

Let that sht go yo!

Here's an Exercise - V I S U A L I Z E:
• With eyes open, imagine yourself hovering 7ft. above ground. • Visualize a hole opening in the ground beneath you where Earth begins to sink in, slowly at first then speeding up rapidly.

• Down goes your job, obligations, traumas, dramas, familiar faces you'd rather not see - all of the things you could truly do without. They reach but cannot grasp hold seeing as you've taken flight.

• With your eyes open, stare into their departure Knowing that should these attachments remain you would continue sinking too.

• As the hole begins to close, turn 180°, looking up toward sunlight


• Now close your eyes and imagine how high you can really fly. All of things you can do listening to no one other than You. 

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