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There is Magic in Every Moment.. Literally

Often it isn't until you've met a state of complete surrender, asleep and subject to the higher-conscious gift of awareness within dreams that this mechanism of manifestation introduces itself.

Still, though we all participate in sleep, few choose to entertain what has been revealed by a power beyond the veil of perception.

A Recent Dream:
I had fallen flat on my back - HARD! After a moment I stood tall to find that there was something moving behind me.

It felt strange...

Searching over my shoulder, I was shocked to discover wings growing, huge feathered WINGS!

Faces of people who had seen me fall were in awe, no one moved, just jaws dropping. I was partially humiliated like Oh'shit they can actually see me, choosing to put on a large clunky sweater covering everything.

Abruptly I shifted, Now present within this dream to grasp an understanding of what was being shown - My potential for greater expression, choosing to expand rather than cloak the truth of what's capable.

This gift of understanding exposed resistance acting as an anchor, one in which I had grown strong enough to drag.

Both in the dream and upon awakening, I chose to break free from suppression - All Suppression, especially my own 🚀💨

These gifts are infinite and present themselves as opportunities in each moment, yet unfortunately choice first filters through what once-was ultimately dissolving what will-be.

Can you perceive the opportunity for expansion in this exact moment?  

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