Real Fire Comes with Desire


Take Action On What You're Drawn To.

A question I'll ask people very often is, "if you could follow your heart's desire, what would that be?" Following their response, I generally reply - Do It.

There, together we begin moving through their labyrinth of justifications, dissolving each construct cloaking resolution.

In this moment the goal is not revelation nor eureka, it's the arrival at discovering Choice and Decision.

H O W to A L L O W
• Sacrifice what is for what will be
• Give yourself permission - break tradition
• Train to entertain your intuition

For as intense a word like Desire may seem, accept the fact that you want something currently beyond grasp - You don't have it *yet.

You want it?
Go get it.
Take it.

Any and all messages received through your perception or interpretation whether from Instagram, a book, perhaps even the divine source itself do nothing other than convey an avenue of approach.


Choose wisely. 

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