Flip the Script on Reality


Take the leap toward creating a belief aligned with your true nature and potential.

Who are you versus who do you want to be?

For us all, from the start we're tagged with labels supposedly stating 'who we are', though actually constructing what we will be.

Today - Flip the script!

14 yrs young me unhappy, overweight and heavily lacking social skills could have said 'fvck it' and continued down a path of doing what everyone else did - conform.

Instead I said 'fvck it, why not me?', began 5 mile runs with workouts at 5am, changed my diet, and established a new foundation of support.

Flipped the script!

After all that has happened in this life, I'm not supposed to be where I am given the general perspective of modern society, yet I'm still here - and so are you!

Always drink upstream from the herd.

The path of Becoming is a quest toward capturing greater awarness/perspective. Obtain such and your world will shift in an instant, again and again.

To begin it may require work, though there is no path more providing than one of your own prerogative. 

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