Live Before You Die


Doing all that you wish to do?

A dream come true is one created both mentally then physically by you.

The element of time captures lived experience in mind and imagination to be called upon at will as seemingly real and relevant while this is more accurately a product of pure illusion.

What isn't here now doesn't exist.

Think to the last thing you did of significance - What're you seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking to justify that moment in time as having been real?

To your reply - we've just taken a journey in and of imagination, the substance of mental imagery.

Now, how much time do you spend embracing illusion as truth to justify the stories you tell forecasting forthcoming moments and to what caliber are those thoughts?

You are Here now, alive and awake to the real world. Remain Here in appreciation without projection and perception, just for the moment. Do this often to build a foundation in reality as opposed missing the moment as a slave to your imagination. 

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