Making Today Go A Different Way


What you see is the construct of perspective.

Thinking happy thoughts DO NOT manifest desires, but feelings can.

Haven't you had enough of knowing that should you persist to do what is being done, nothing can change? Any tone of discord between your actions and desires manifests emotions associated with aversion, seen clearly when rationale and justifications are used as tools to manipulate one's own feelings.

If you're not feeling like driving into another day of grind and hustle, do something else - ANYTHING ELSE.

To Transform:
Change the way you feel and reality will resonate.

Many trek the globe seeking an adventure into soul, all the while running in place until learning that what's truly needed is a change in pace.

Wherever you go, there you are' - Jon Kabat-Zinn

There's no escaping yourself.

So how do you get outside the box? Slow down, do the work and acquire keys to unlock your mind. 

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