How Does She Manifest?


Men (women too), meeting a partner capable of succeeding through distraction, devised obstruction, conformity and non-congruent obligations is rareAF!

A huge majority in what we're led to believe concerning relationships is entirely bogus - truth proven provided an observation on courtship.

Two individuals meet, the basics of attempts at fulfilling one another's supposed wants and needs ensues for an accumulation of calculated achievements unlocked. Each advance forward assumes a stage of growth, majorily with disregard to one's own truth.

How is it so that no one ever speaks to the truth of integrity in pursuit of one's own passion? College, work, debt - this mill run by the mass continually as if there were a race to win, yet all lose.

Truth - the mill is a machine.

Too often this fact is met on the path far too late. An awakening may or may not occur for one or the other partner, though the bravery and courage necessary in genuine overcoming, breaking free from the system doesn't receive much accolade, instead resulting in strategies, moving pieces, manipulating emotions, and various approaches to recovery/resolution thereafter dissolve of what once was.

You want to meet your reflection?
1. Know Yourself
2. Be wise
3. Lift the veil

Love is real, trust me.
You CAN find resolve.
You CAN meet your True reflection.
I'll be here to tell you how, just follow along in future posts.

 Here for you.  

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