Show Up for Your Reflection


Who are you for you?

A mate doesn't solve your problems - You do. The mirror of reality reflects only what is derived from inside and no sooner shall resolve arise.

The sovereign option to percieve true resolve first arrives by insight through seeking and gifts of insight. Happiness, joy and prosperity will not reveal until the facade of false revelation has dissolved.

Solutions to those miniscule problems blown entirely out of proportion justify disorder within oneself (both parties). Continued rationale held as resistance to necesary surrender compounds the problem, it having been "swept under the rug" saved for later, a revisit of emotions unsettled and needs unmet.

How you'll discover the revelation of awakening to harmony with both your mate and a preferred reality is through Reflection - deep thought transceding realms of experiences prior to your arrival here and now.

Ask yourself the right questions (examples):
Where does this emotion originate?
What are my needs in this moment?
How do my reactions reflect true love?
What is resisting surrender to resolution?

Conclude when you've met a depths of self-awareness unseen. Your mate will shift in resonance given they too choose toward transceding matters of false projection. 

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