How You'll Turn Yourself On


Can you feel it coming?

Your reflection can. Instinct overrides thought for a shift in attention beyond comprehension. The roar of radical self acceptance and true self expression draws all desire near, a literal magnet toward that which you crave.

We wonder what it is that attracts and how, yet all the while this mechanism of manifestation continues without error.

It is TRUTH; being yourself as if no one were around, absolute transparency.

When looking into the mirror, do you accept what reflects as whole? Unfortunately most have never had the chance.. instead judgement, critisism, and comparing oneself to others reign primary, corroding what is preffered by what's "supposed to be".

These aspects of the conditioned human currupt your truth in reality. The projection on your reflection never having had an opportunity to be entirely embraced as whole and unconditionally loved.

How can you meet your reflection if you can't see yourself? You don't. You'll continue to grasp hold of things that're similar but not precisely what you've been seeking. Picking things up and putting them down, all the while you're looking to be found. Sound familiar?

Continuing to contort and manipulate oneself through false projections of the conditioned mind will render a reflection but not THE Reflection. She (or he) will appear though the same judgement and critique you give yourself eventually corrode their image.

Who are you really? The excuse, rationale - for this moment disregard any and all filters. Now again ask yourself, Who Am I? What Am I? Persist to unravel the labyrith of bogus thought patterns and beliefs, cut cords to what isn't you. Dissolve what once was to finally receive what you've been seeking.

Now in the mirror, look again for a peak at your true reflection. In short time reality will resonate, along with the discovery a long desired mate. 

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