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Most believe DNA to be either a tangible thing, like the 3D plastic model with colorful balls holding strands of data together, though that in truth is entirely based on theory.

DNA is data stating levels of awareness and capability. To bravely take on ascension, the quest for higher Self unlocking aspects dormant within our human vessel and mind WILL gift new perspective disclosing higher-caliber alternatives.

All is DNA activating. Here & now most have only accessed features capable primarily in achieving survival, while choosing to unlock transcendent Truth through DNA activation requires entertaining that which you haven't before, doing things many fear to do.

This new level of awareness achieved, still it remains one's choice to dissolve the prior condition for total activation/embodiment.

You can always activate new aspects of DNA through all ways. Listen to that frequency recording, read a new book, exercise unfamiliar parts of the body, speak your truth, meditate - and keep all avenues of information evolving.

To remain amongst the same level you've been is stagnation, literal insanity - and you want OUT, where challenge awaits with the potential to "fail".

In me is a frequency, I got the keys. Book a call to discuss your DNA activation.  

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