Catch the Wave + Life Purpose Game


Time is of the essence though to which style of transit are you more accustomed?

Anxious, at ease, jolly, present? All are welcome, yet recognizing choice amidst the many possibilities while in flux is a gift, literally magic to most unaware of time as an instrument.

However you go, be one with the flow. What is in motion is already moving - better to prime the anticipation for glory, happiness and triumph rather than attempt a complete stop of thoughts having momentum from thinking prior.

Collapse the theory of belief in your current circumstances as non-negotiable and receive a peak beyond life as is.

Play the What If game! This is a game you've played EVERYDAY but let's apply intention, now connecting with your True desires.

1. Think of a scenario you'd LOVE to occur in your life and ask, "What if?", followed by "Why not me?".

2. Continue as such until you've struck a cord of belief in your being, what feels compelling and passionate.

3. (The tough part) Let it take over. For this you will have to Let Go. 

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