Own Your Awesome

For a long time I had set running aside from my cardio routine, until recently where its become meditative.


Thinking back to all of the running we did in the military, pushing limits and discovering breathe beyond self-imposed boundaries, it finally hit me - Own it!


For me running had always been a task taken out of necessity. When I was a heavy-set teen dropping weight, to "stay fit", mandatorily in the military 🤢... Though, I did enjoy formation runs singing cadence and jodies.


One of my favorites: 🎶
🗣️Feel the pain (feel the pain)
🗣️In my bones (in my bones)
🗣️We don't care (we don't care)
🗣️We like it there! (we like it there)


In one particular situation I can recall, it was the end of day when a teammate fell out from heat exhaustion. This occurred often when training in 100° + weather. The rest of us had to "simulate" getting this mate several miles through forest for a helicopter transport - 9 line medevac.


We continued mostly uphill when our instructor took off in a sprint and we had to keep up, like fuuck! Me holding an M-240 machine gun made it a lot tougher. FrustratedAF, I went from stressed to furious. This changed everything. The mantra became harder, better, faster, stronger with a shift in perspective to own it. I will forever remember that day... The most I've ever sweat in my life!


In moments like this you discover breathe beyond boundaries and reveal those self-imposed boundaries, opportunities to evolve.


For whatever reason, running is what I'm being called to do now and in this time I choose to own it.


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