Meet Your Reflection


Meet Your Reflection


This can happen *today if you'd get out of your own way. The love of your life begins with you and nothing fulfilling will happen until seeing this through.

Each moment lived absent of your own transparent truth is numb, the soul forced to play a conflicting tune, literally sleep walking. Wouldn't you like to wake up now?

The moment of revelation when your eyes finally take hold upon a love never known nor experienced prior is near, though you'll have to sacrifice all doubt and disbelief in oneself - All of it.

What you feel MUST be felt, thoughts in mind never again left unsaid, and compelling actions attempted/achieved.

Here you may believe it necessary to embody this ever-elusive greatest version of yourself, yet the quest to unlock these higher aspects are immediately met with resistance because achievement requires a patience most exclude.

Let's be honest - You want what you desire NOW.

Truth - You are already your greatest version! Anything past or present must be dissolved through *transformation to allow prosperity in the here, now and forthcoming.

Yes, you can meet A reflection as you are, but think about this - Is it THE reflection you'd prefer?

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