Higher Self Takes The Win

In and of Observation sits a You immune to sleep. An omniscient being. This viewer is subject to the flux of human experience and perception, yet boundless and constant.

A conditioned mind renders rationale in and of each forthcoming moment, placing barriers of resistance before ever-present higher-conscious awareness, although such reflect truer to the reign of reality.

In accord with purpose, there is none greater than to embody transcendent truth. This you'll come to know when the false story told by your ego is let go.

To awaken you may first be shaken, but releasing all fear brings triumph near.

A mind in slumber must first recall destined initiative and the power of will - two extraordinarily strong resources capable of dissolving lesser paradigms and stagnation. The Win - shedding the charade; what isn't you.

What arises in you seeking resolve through dissolve isn't for me, nor anyone else - the answer is for no one aside from Yourself.

Take the win.


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