Conquer The Crucible

The Crucible - Go Bravely to and through that which is most difficult here and now for real growth; this is true transcendence.

Recognition of this moment providing an opportunity for ascension (up-level) comes as a gift given intuitively.

One having endured enough trauma, stress and drama with all avenues exhausted eventually unveils a new door, choosing an unfamiliar approach for the grasp at what will assist in succeeding forward evolving from misfortune.

They've had enough of what was and now allow what will be while remaining open to receiving. For some this may mean opening your heart while others need re-evaluate their boundaries.

What most fear in this moment is an inability to foresee, leading with no sure why other than that gut feeling.

Note: Do that which is most difficult first.
You'll reveal an experience of truth intentionally omitted from your thought matrix (system of thinking) through beliefs and behaviors impertinent to You.

Do you want to be the highest expression of your most authentic Self? Get outside the box.

Fill in the blank - "I Conquer _________”. 


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