Rising in Twilight; Counter-Intuitive Measures

Life changed when at 14 I decided to take accountability of my weight amongst other things. This meant becoming an early riser where before school I began with 3 sets of 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups then a run to the beach and back home.


Beyond the shift in exercise I learned how significant time is and why. These thoughts presented themselves only within the peaceful moments silent before sunrise. Day after day building the muscle (mentally+physically+spiritually), repeatedly acting on a mantra of self-belief, welcomed by that time in twilight.


One extremely valuable lesson - Persistence; when I woke up later than expected having only myself to hold accountable. Guilt and disappointment weighed heavily, yielding a current of behaviors opposite my goals but I showed up again and again.


Not always was it that very next day nor easy to "start over", though with persistence I developed a phenomenal belief in support of something other than myself; that there is an abundant resource always in all ways seeking to reinforce change.


At first it was exercise then came the addition of reading, cleaning, meditation, journaling and so on. I showed up and so the moment stood still (*magic) to accomplish more than most do in the entirety of a day.


Hear me - Persistence is a key. Use it. Sometimes this may require less talk more action, no thought all doing and behaviors counterintuitive to an old paradigm you, but persist.


Keep going.


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