The Quest for Higher Self

P e r s o n a l   D e v e l o p m e n t   I n t e n s i v e s

Awaken the Mechanism of Manifestation

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If you could follow your heart's desire,

what would that be?

Now, Take Action - Do It


You've been here before...

motivated and inspired to finally change life in its entirety yet in this moment of self-inquiry you begin moving through The Labyrinth - justifications, rationale and constructs cloaking true resolution. 

I myself having been broken, homeless and confused understand why this process of growth continues to fail time and time again. For me conquering the crucible came at a cost that in return gifted a real Life, one of literally Pure Magic! 

Here the goal is not revelation nor a eureka, it's the arrival at discovering

Choice and Decision.

• Sacrifice what is for what will be
• Give yourself permission - break tradition
• Train to entertain your intuition

For as intense a word like Desire may seem, accept the fact that you want something currently beyond grasp. You don't have it - Yet.

You want it?
Go get it.

Take it.

Any and all messages received through your perception or interpretation whether from Instagram, a book, perhaps even the divine source itself do nothing other than convey an avenue of approach and Here together we arrive at them all.


Choose wisely.


- Command thoughts into reality

- Be on a vibe that literally Shines

- Bounce back, propel and excel from rock bottom

- Experience the embodiment of Your true highest Self 

- Be guided by the nature of intuition

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Exclusive to those on a path of higher-conscious embodiment seeking greater Self-expression, divine guidance, intuitive growth and Truth.

Sage Law

I am a Mystic and High Performance Coach.

 Life crumbled completely after military service.

I found work that didn't fulfill, went back to my old profession in film production for a short time, became an actor, and traveled but nothing would suffice to resolve my very real problems.

Having had enough of the struggle, I turned inward, studied realms of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding exploring epistemology, esotericism, magick, metaphysics, quantum physics and much more.

The Quest for Higher Self began with me, years ago seeking the solution to true overcoming, unraveling the labyrinth of mind for an experience of prosperity.

I found my way outside the box.. and you can too.

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